Put your child's early development and care into the hands of our nurturing and caring staff. Our enriched early learning program will help prepare them for a bright future
Getting your child to think big even while they are still so little is what we do best. At the saints academy, we prepare your little one to meet the challenges ahead in an enriched, structured setting where they can interact with their peers in a way that allows them to both to explore and still feel the security that they were accustomed to in your home
We understand that creating a nurturing environment for your child takes detailed information from you, so we do our very best to get the parents involved and keep them updated.
At the Saints Academy, we also know that every child comes from a different home and situation. We work with our preschoolers knowing that some will need more help in one area than others will and that the same child will also have other strengths that others don’t
  • Full Computer Lab Access
  • Peer Tutoring Program
  • Academic Clubs
  • Expansive Arts And Crafts
  • Extended Day
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